Friday, September 12, 2014

Know him

Don't wait for he feel disappointment and you can realize that you are don’t know the fashion about men, so, at now, we need start to learn some thing about men’s fashion, Although it later, but I think we can also make a surprise to him.

Different with the girl’s styles, the boy’s CLOTHES, are always be shirt, T-shirt, trousers and shorts, among them, the T-shirts is the most basic and leisure choice, if you don’t know to buy what kind of clothes, choose a simple T-shirt, he will need it.

In recent years, more and more "fashion men" come into the public view, and they are be love by many women, he can also try some other clothes. Light gray T-shirt with blue printing, printing both overlapping and change, and he will keep his steady  temperament.Have you noticed that many boys liked letter pattern T-shirt--even in the middle school, they are often dress up in this T-shirt. Light grey looks fresh, irregular curlicue letters adding a personality taste to whole of the body.

Even you are a adult, but I believe that there must lived a little boy in your heart, perhaps is also left a little rebellious mind. At this time, you may love this cowboy shirt, long sleeved cowboy shirts can be worn on many occasions.

Concerned about his health, you need to care about his trousers. The natural materials of cotton, comfortable and healthy, recently, Five point of PANTS is very popular, it can show the healthy skin and beautiful muscles of legs.

Relatively speaking, men are more like the pants, and at the same time, trousers are also have greater choice of space, in addition to the formal trousers, you can also choose some informal trousers for him, linen pants is a good choice.